Witches Scavenger Hunt - Magical Treasure Hunt: On Adventure With Witch Malalla

Witches Scavenger Hunt - Magical Treasure Hunt: On Adventure With Witch Malalla

🎇Witchcraft and puzzle fun: a treasure hunt for young explorers

Welcome, young treasure hunters! You are at the start of a magical adventure in which witches, spells and mysterious treasure chests play a central role. In all corners of the world, witches are preparing for a traditional ritual, and one of them, the young witch Malalla, needs your help. She has misplaced some valuable items that she needs for her ritual. Your task will be to help Malalla find her treasure chest again. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world full of magic and mystery? Then let's get started without further delay!


The world of witches (example)

Witches are fascinating creatures, surrounded by secrets and ancient magic. In this world, Malalla is a young witch preparing for an important ritual. Witchcraft rituals are ancient traditions performed with special objects and dance. Malalla is a talented but somewhat forgetful witch. Her treasure chest, full of magical items, has disappeared and the ritual cannot begin without it.

The world of witches - Malalla's missing treasure chest

In the world of witches, where the mysterious and the miraculous were commonplace, lived Malalla, a young and talented witch. She lived in a crooked hut on the edge of a dark forest, surrounded by ancient trees whose whispers told stories of times long past.

Malalla was known for her extraordinary magical abilities, but also for her absent-minded nature. She loved to wander through the forest to collect rare herbs and talk to the animals. Her passion was magic, a craft she had learned from her grandmother, a powerful witch.

On this particular morning, Malalla was preparing for an important ritual that could only be performed during a full moon. Witchcraft rituals were sacred ceremonies filled with ancient traditions, special items and a dance that invoked the forces of nature. But when Malalla went to open her treasure chest, where she kept all her magical items, she realized that it had disappeared.

Panic seized her. Without her treasure chest, which contained rare crystals, dried herbs, magical amulets and old spell scrolls, the ritual could not begin. Malalla searched her hut, rummaging through shelves and drawers, but the chest was nowhere to be found.

She tried to remember the last time she had seen the chest. Malalla was often so engrossed in her magical studies that she sometimes forgot where she had put things. But this time was different. The chest was too important for her to simply forget it somewhere.

Desperate, she decided to seek the help of her friends in the witch world. First she went to Elara, the alchemist, who lived in a tower full of flickering bottles and bubbling pots. Elara was clever and knew a lot about the magical powers of nature. She listened to Malalla's story and gave her a potion to sharpen her memory.

After drinking the potion, images came to Malalla's mind. She remembered how she had gone into the forest a few days ago to collect ingredients for a new elixir. Had she left the chest there?

She quickly made her way deep into the forest, where the trees grew denser and the light fell only in soft rays through the canopy. There, hidden under an old oak tree, she found her chest. It was covered by a net of ivy, as if nature itself had tried to hide it.

Relieved and grateful, Malalla took the chest in her arms. She returned to her hut, prepared everything for the ritual and danced in the moonlight, surrounded by the magic in the air. The ritual was a success, a testament to her skills and knowledge. Malalla had learned that in the world of witches, not only magic and power were important, but also mindfulness and memory.


The lost treasure chest

Malalla's treasure chest is no ordinary container. It contains not only valuable artifacts, but also the witch's personal treasures. This chest is hidden somewhere, and finding it is crucial to the success of the ritual. Malalla can't remember where she last saw the chest, and time is running out.

Malalla's treasure chest was much more than a simple container. It was an heirloom, passed down from witch to witch for generations. Malalla not only kept valuable magical artifacts in it, but also personal items, each of which had its own special meaning. Each piece in the chest told a story, each artifact carried a piece of Malalla's heart.

The chest was magnificently decorated with fine carvings depicting scenes from ancient witchcraft legends. It was made of a rare wood that was able to store and preserve magical energies. Malalla considered it irreplaceable and the centerpiece of her witchcraft.

Now the chest was gone, and with it the indispensable items for the full moon ritual. Malalla dimly remembered opening the chest a few days ago to take out a special artifact, but where she had left it afterwards was a mystery to her. Time was of the essence, the full moon would not wait.

In her distress, Malalla decided to seek the help of her trusted forest creatures. She called the old eagle owl, who lived in the highest oak tree in the forest, and the cunning vixen, who knew the paths of the forest better than anyone else. She told them about her dilemma and asked for their help in the search.

While the eagle owl looked for clues from the air, the vixen sniffed along the ground, guided by her keen sense of smell. Malalla herself wandered through the forest, carefully considering each step and trying to remember where she had last seen the chest.

The search led them through the thicket of the forest, past old ruins and deep ponds whose water surfaces glistened in the moonlight. As the day drew to a close and the first stars appeared in the sky, the vixen finally found a trail. It led to a hidden clearing, where Malalla was surprised to discover the chest under a pile of leaves and moss.

It seemed that she had hidden the chest there to protect it from prying eyes and then, absorbed in her thoughts, she had forgotten to retrieve it. Malalla opened the chest and was relieved to see that all her treasures were still there - the old magic scrolls, the crystals, the dried herbs and the small talismans.

Malalla hurried back to her hut with the recovered chest. Night had now fallen and the full moon was high in the sky. It was time to begin the ritual.

The recovered treasure chest was not only a victory over oblivion, but also a reminder of how important it is to take care of what is close to your heart. With renewed energy and gratitude for her animal friends, Malalla began the full moon ritual, which, now with all the necessary artifacts, was sure to be a success


Enigmatic locks

As befits a real witch's chest, it is secured with various enigmatic locks. Each lock can only be opened by solving a riddle. These puzzles range from magical word games to tricky picture puzzles. Every puzzle you solve brings you one step closer to the chest.

In the world of witches, things were rarely as simple as they seemed, and Malalla's treasure chest was no exception. This particular chest was secured with a series of enigmatic locks, each unique in its own way and only opened by solving a riddle. These riddles were a mixture of magical word games, tricky picture puzzles and ancient spells that tested the witch's knowledge and wisdom.

The first lock was a word puzzle engraved in the wood of the chest. It read: "I fly without wings and cry without eyes. What am I?" Malalla thought for a moment and then smiled when she found the answer: "A cloud." With these words, the lock clicked open and she was able to move on to the next one.

The second lock presented a picture puzzle. It showed a series of symbols, each associated with a different element. Fire, water, earth and air were depicted, but in a confusing order. Malalla had to put the symbols into a logical sequence that represented the balance of the elements. After a few attempts, she managed to find the right order: Earth, water, fire, air - a representation of the cycle of nature. The lock popped open and she was able to continue.

The third and final lock was the most complicated. It required the recitation of an ancient spell, the words of which were hidden in the chest itself. Malalla had to say the right words in a specific order to open the lock. The words of the spell were hidden in the carvings of the chest, and only by carefully studying the patterns could she decipher them.

She mumbled the words quietly to herself, each sound charged with an energy that vibrated in the air. As the last word was spoken, the final lock released with a soft, satisfying click.

Malalla opened the chest and looked at her precious magical items. Each lock had brought her a little closer to her treasure and reminded her that in the world of witches, patience, knowledge and understanding were the keys to true power. She smiled, grateful for the challenges she had overcome and ready to begin the ritual with all her heart and soul.


The reward

Malalla is very grateful for your help and has promised to give you all the remaining treasures from the chest once it has been found and opened. This is your chance not only to see a real witch ritual, but also to become part of the magical world. The reward will not only be material, but also the knowledge and experience you gain on this journey.

After Malalla, with the help of her friends and the brave helpers who had joined her adventure, had retrieved the treasure chest and picked the enigmatic locks, it was time to make good on her promise. She had promised to give all the remaining treasures from the chest to those who had helped her. But the reward she offered was far more than material wealth.

When the chest was opened and its secrets revealed, Malalla's helpers found a collection of items as varied and fascinating as magic itself. There were vials of shimmering elixirs that could provide healing or protection when used correctly. There were small pouches of rare herbs whose scents invigorated the senses and strengthened concentration. And there were amulets and talismans in which the power of ancient spells rested.

But Malalla knew that the true value of these objects lay not in their rarity or magical potential, but in the knowledge and experience they embodied. So she invited her helpers to take part in a real witchcraft ritual to experience the full meaning and beauty of the magical world.

On the night of the full moon, everyone gathered in the heart of the forest. Under Malalla's guidance, they prepared the ritual site, arranged the magical objects and lit fragrant herbs that rose up in gentle clouds of smoke. The moonlight fell through the treetops and bathed the forest in a mysterious, silvery light.

The ritual began with an old witches' chant, the melody of which echoed deeply and sublimely through the forest. Malalla performed the dances and incantations while her helpers, now participants in this magical event, stood around her. They could feel the energy flowing through the circle, a connection to something greater, something beyond the material.

When the ritual came to an end, everyone present felt changed. They had not only received material treasures, but had also gained a deep understanding of the world of witches. They had learned that magic lies not only in powerful spells and mysterious artifacts, but in connecting with nature, understanding ancient wisdom and experiencing something wonderful together.

Malalla thanked her friends and helpers for their support and shared the remaining treasures of the chest with them. They each took an item as a reminder of this special night and the lessons they had learned.

The reward they all received was far more than they had expected. It was an experience that would bond them forever - an adventure in the world of witches that they would never forget.


 The magic of discovery

The real magic of this scavenger hunt lies in the fun and joy of discovery. It's not just about finding the chest, it's about the adventure you'll have along the way. Not only will you use your problem-solving skills and creativity, but you will also get to know the world of witches and their secrets.

The adventure of treasure hunting in the world of witches was much more than just finding a lost chest. It was a journey of discovery, learning and experiencing the true magic that was revealed at every moment. For Malalla and her brave companions, it was an experience that taught them that the journey was just as important as the destination.

During their quest, they roamed the mysterious forest, learning its hidden paths and discovering places they never thought possible. They encountered talking animals that gave them riddles and shared wisdom that could only be conveyed in the language of nature.

Every puzzle they solved, every obstacle they overcame, not only brought them closer to the chest, but also strengthened their problem-solving skills and creativity. They learned to think outside the box, look at things from different perspectives and work together as a team. This process of discovery and learning was a magical experience in itself.

The world of witches they delved into was full of surprises and wonders. They discovered plants that changed color when touched, springs whose water had healing powers, and ancient ruins that told stories of a time long forgotten. Each of these places was a new chapter in their adventure book and a reminder that magic was everywhere if you looked hard enough.

The scavenger hunt was also an opportunity to explore the deep secrets of the witchcraft world. They learned about ancient rituals, the art of herbal medicine and the meaning of magical symbols. For them, this knowledge was like doors opening to new worlds, rich in wisdom and knowledge.

When the group finally found the treasure chest and opened the final locks, they realized that the greatest reward was not the items in the chest, but the experiences they had gained on their journey. The real magic was in the discovery, in the sharing of joy and adventure, in the connection they had made with each other and the world around them.

The scavenger hunt ended, but the memories and lessons they had learned would live on in their hearts. They had experienced the joy of discovery, the true essence of magic that can be found in every corner of the witching world and beyond.


Frequently asked questions

What do children learn through this witch scavenger hunt?

Children develop problem-solving skills, creativity and learn to solve puzzles as they immerse themselves in the fascinating world of witches.

Is the scavenger hunt suitable for all ages?

Yes, the scavenger hunt is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 8, with different levels of difficulty for the puzzles.

How long does the scavenger hunt take?

The duration can vary, but on average it takes 1-2 hours.

Do children need help from adults?

Depending on the age and abilities of the children, it can be helpful if an adult is on hand as a guide.

Can the puzzles be used more than once?

Yes, the puzzles can be printed out and reused for different groups or on different occasions.



This magical scavenger hunt is a unique opportunity for children to immerse themselves in a world of adventure and magic. It is an experience that is not only entertaining but also educational. By helping Malalla on her quest to find the treasure chest, children develop important skills and learn to recognize and appreciate the magic in the world around them. So, dear young detectives, download your quests, grab your magical tools and get ready to dive into an unforgettable adventure!

The magical scavenger hunt experienced by Malalla and her young helpers was more than just a game - it was a doorway into a world of adventure, mystery and discovery. For the children who took up the challenge, it was a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a world that sparked their imaginations and expanded their knowledge.

Every step of their journey through the world of witches was not only entertaining but also educational. The children developed important skills such as teamwork, problem solving and creative thinking. They learned to follow clues, solve puzzles and work together to achieve common goals. These skills were not only useful in the magical world, but also in their everyday lives.

By supporting Malalla on her quest for the treasure chest, the children learned to recognize and appreciate the magic in the world around them. They discovered that magic exists not only in potions and spells but also in the beauty of nature, the power of friendship, and the joy of learning.

The treasure hunt also taught them the importance of patience and perseverance. They experienced how satisfying it can be to conquer a challenging task and how crucial it is to never give up, even when the challenges seem daunting.

As the adventures came to an end, and the children returned to their world, they carried more than just memories of a fun time. They carried the realization that, when they are brave and determined, they can overcome any challenge and achieve their dreams.

So, dear young detectives, eager to embark on your own adventures, download your tasks, grab your magical tools, and be ready to dive into an unforgettable journey! Discover the secrets that await you, and remember that within each of you lies the power of a true adventurer. Your journey into the world of magic begins now – let it become a journey you will never forget!

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